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The policies surrounding the wind of change in the Middle East: how does the US, EU policy shape the change? What parameters determine the success or failure of the Change? We will try to update news on the main stream events, the nature of developments in the group and also what everyone can do. You are all welcome to chat or discuss it.

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A group to promote and raise awareness of the ongoing situation of the people on the streets in the Middle East and to start a campaign on the Vine with the essence of promoting insight into systematic Human Rights violations ongoing in Syria, Libya, Iran and Yemen and to support the importance of the peoples plight to obtain Freedom.

We are looking for anyone who is willing to prepare art exhibitions, concerts and even marathons to promote the issue of change in the Middle East and the Iranian Spring, by according their ability and talent, take part. Everyone in their own way and (Arts, theatre, Music, News distribution, Article writing ..)

We also need some one who can proof read the articles Summer is getting from activists who have just escaped Iran, and are trying to write their voices down